Cesc Fabregas on FA Cup final, Eden Hazard and Chelsea fans

The build-up to this Saturday’s FA Cup final between Chelsea and Man Utd is beginning to gather momentum as we start to hear from players of both clubs. We will hear more from them over the next couple of days, and there will be plenty of talk surrounding the game.

Cesc Fabregas has spoken about the FA Cup, Eden Hazard and Chelsea’s fans. He started by speaking about Chelsea wanting to win the game, and says that winning the game is all that matters, and people won’t remember the performance or how they did it.

“We want to win,” he told Chelsea’s official website. “In football, when you win you are the best and when you lose they doubt you, it’s as simple as that. As much as we talk about the beautiful game, which I love, nowadays it’s about winning on the day. People then forget if you did it in a good way, a lucky way, a defensive way, people forget about that unfortunately.

“We just have to play how we’ve been playing in the last few games, obviously not the last two games, even though against Huddersfield we were very unlucky, and try to do what we’ve been doing.

“In the last two years we’ve been working on the same things with Antonio so we know exactly what we want to do because we repeat it every single day, what he wants from us, so it should always be in our head. We need to take that onto the pitch on Saturday and let’s hope we can get the victory.”

Chelsea were beaten in last year’s final, losing 2-1 to London rivals, and the Spaniard’s former team, Arsenal. Fabregas knows they didn’t play too well in the game, and says they have to show up and play well right from the beginning of Saturday’s game.

“All I know is that last year we didn’t play well in the FA Cup final,” he said. “I was on the bench and I remember the coach telling me to warm up after six minutes, so when a coach does that it means he’s seen something from the start is not right.

“We have to make sure that from the beginning this year we are on top of our game, because it’s one game that can decide if you are a champion or not. It’s been a difficult season for us so finishing on a high is good for the club, the fans and ourselves.”

Speaking about Eden Hazard, Fabregas added: “He’s a fantastic player and on his day he can be unstoppable. We have to make sure we give him the right service and that he can feel comfortable in the game so hopefully he can work his magic and give us a good performance, because we will need that.”

Going on to speak about Chelsea’s fans, Fabregas says they want to give the fans something to celebrate on Saturday.

“Yes, definitely [we want to give the fans something to celebrate],” he said. “For me and the players it’s important because they are the ones who follow us around England, Europe and all over the place, singing our names and being faithful to us. I think they definitely deserve that from us.”

I think it will be interesting to see how the game goes on Saturday. It’s both clubs’ only chance to lift some silverware this season, and they’ll both be desperate to win it. For Chelsea’s players, they have the added incentive of it more than likely being Antonio Conte’s last game at the club. They’ll surely be doing everything they can to send him out on a high.

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