David Wagner on Huddersfield’s poor results, good performances, job safety; dismisses Hoffenheim

Huddersfield have had a tricky start to their second successive Premier League season. They are in the relegation zone at this early stage, after being unable to manage a win from their first eight games. Three draws leaves them in 18th place. The Terriers have had a difficult start results-wise, but also a difficult start fixtures-wise. They have played Chelsea, Manchester City, Everton and Tottenham so far, and host Liverpool after the international break.

David Wagner has acknowledged their difficult start, but has also said they have put good performances in and have been extremely unlucky so far this season.

“It is a situation that we did not aspire to be in, but which we were aware of in advance that it could happen,” Wagner told Sport 1, as translated by Sport Witness. “We were allowed to play in the first games against teams that finished in the first half of the table. That was not an easy start.

“We have shown good performances in these games. As for the shots against the bar, we are at the top. We have had little to no luck so far.

“Accordingly, the result is 18th place. We are always very close, but there’s no reward for the effort we put in. But, I am confident that we will win again. Everything is still very close together. The other clubs are not miles away.”

When asked if he felt his job was under pressure, Wagner said: “No. I feel 100 percent the necessary backing. For outsiders who do not see our games and only look at the table, it looks more difficult than it feels for me. I’ve been able to do my job for many years without regard to table positions. In the phase in which we rose and were always at the top of the table, I have always said that we have to free ourselves from any table positions.”

When suggested to Wagner that he could potentially move to Germany and manage Hoffenheim, he was quick to play it down.

“I have a contract in Huddersfield until 2021 that I totally respect,” he said. “And therefore, any comment on Hoffenheim is unnecessary from my side. The story we’re involved in at Huddersfield is simply too important to me.”

Wagner has received great praise for his role in getting Huddersfield promoted and keeping them in the Premier League. It seems like the Terriers may really struggle to repeat their heroics, and many people have tipped them for relegation. They’ll certainly fight as much as they can, so we’ll see if they can manage it again.

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