Everybody loves to stick the knife into Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho gets absolutely hammered by everybody. It’s understandable at times, because he brings it on himself. I have also taken chances to stick the knife into him before. I have no problem absolutely hammering him, because I really dislike him and I think he’s a complete dickhead. But sometimes the reaction is a little bit over the top. And maybe my reaction can be a little bit over the top at times too, but that’s how things go when you don’t like somebody.

For example, there’s one publication running with a story this morning that says Mourinho only has one more game or he’ll be sacked. They say that if United lose to Burnley or Sunday, he will be out the door. I won’t name this publication, because it’s a lying hate rag, and I definitely won’t link to it, but a word in their name rhymes with fail. They’re talking complete and utter bollocks. Now, maybe, just maybe, if Man Utd went out and lost 4-0 to Burnley, before Mourinho went off on a mad one in his press conference and called Ed Woodward, Alex Ferguson and Bobby Charlton a pack of wankers, he may be sacked. Well, he would definitely be sacked, but you know what I mean.

As you know, Man Utd were beaten 3-0 by Spurs at Old Trafford on Monday night. That’s an unacceptable result, and a result that they will be extremely unhappy about. But people seem to forget that United were actually quite good in the game. They were actually the better team. I know that sounds ridiculous, as Spurs won 3-0, but they were. Don’t get me wrong, I thought Spurs were very impressive, and it wasn’t quite a ‘smash-and-grab’, but Spurs were clinical when they got their chances and that’s what decided the game.

Man Utd had 57 per cent possession to Spurs’ 43. The home side had 23 shots, compared to nine for Spurs. Of those shots, they both had five on target. This shows how clinical Spurs were. Just five shots on target and scoring three goals against the best ‘keeper in the world is unbelievable. Spurs took their chances when they came, and capitalised on some dodgy defending. But United dominated the game.

Of course, part of the reason the stats are so in favour of Mourinho’s men is that Spurs went two goals up early in the second half. After they scored twice in quick succession, they were happy to sit in and keep it tight, while trying to hit on the break. That mean United were allowed to have the ball and had more chances to attack. But even in the first half, with the score 0-0, Man Utd were quite impressive. They were the better team and they should have been ahead at the break, but some poor finishing let them down.

People saying that United were terrible, or boring, or that the game was absolutely awful, either weren’t watching the match properly or just lying. I have hammered United, and Mourinho, more than once for their negative style of play, and I’m more than happy to hammer them time and time again. But they weren’t negative. They went for that game in the first half and played some nice football. They have to be given some praise when they play well too, or the negative criticism they get means nothing. You can’t be seen to only criticise somebody, and not praise them when they do well.

I can see why Mourinho gets all this hate too though. I’m not even defending him here, because I agree that he was an arsehole once again on Monday night. And when he comes out hammering the press, of course they’re going to hammer him back. He was trying to say that they Man Utd fans are too smart to listen to what is written and what is said. But a lot of the stuff that is written is completely true.

He is right in some ways though, as I pointed out earlier when I mentioned the paper that say he’ll be sacked. Not all parts of the media are like that, and some journalists are really good and consistently write really good pieces. Mourinho is verging on Donald Trump’s ‘Fake News’ stuff now. It would be quire unbelievable if he went full Trump! Maybe he’ll go completely off his head and really hammer the media.

I also thought his comment about three was ridiculous. He said “three nil, what does this mean blah blah bollocks, I have more Premier League titles than every other manager in the league combined, they have two I have three blah blah bollocks.” That’s not an exact quote, in case you were wondering, but he said something along those lines. When I saw he said that, I actually had to go through the league table and really think about who it was that had won the titles. Pep Guardiola and Manuel Pellegrini are the ones, by the way. They’ve won one each.

Did Mourinho decide to go through the league one day and see how many titles they have compared to him? Or did he see it written somewhere? Or was it mentioned on a ‘Mourinho is God’ Instagram page that he may follow on his personal account? If he did go through the table, I find it strange. He obviously had to wait until Arsene Wenger and Antonio Conte to leave before he could whip that one out. He’s probably been sitting on it for a while, but it only took three weeks for him to whip it out.

Did I start writing this post to get behind Mourinho and defend him and say that he doesn’t deserve any criticism and that he’s a great man? No. Did I write this post with the intention of pointing out that the criticism he receives can be over the top at times? Yes. Did I then end up getting dragged into criticising him myself, even though that’s not how this post was supposed to be? Yes. And that’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of Mourinho bashing! My mind decided to go off on one, and I couldn’t tell it to stop. That’s the direction my brain decided to take me in this morning, so there we go.

That’s going to be that for this morning. I’m not sure this article is anything like the article I wanted it to be, but that’s how things go sometimes. There’s nothing I can do now! If I was employed by somebody I would really have to clean this up and give it some sort of structure, but I’m not, so fuck it. I can have it whatever way I like, and that’s the beauty of having a blog!

Also, there were Carabao Cup games on last night. I realise that I didn’t speak about them, and that’s because I’m not really bothered by it in these early rounds, just like a lot of the clubs. I did mean to mention them in yesterday’s blog, and I said to myself at the start that I would talk about them for a second, but by the time I got to the end of the blog, I had forgotten all about them. You can see the results and fixtures on the results and fixtures page if you’re interested.

Anyway, that’s that from me. I’ll be back tomorrow morning with more. All your news will be on Twitter throughout the day. Have a good Wednesday!

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