Fernandinho backs Raheem Sterling

There has been some controversy surrounding Raheem Sterling recently – which is absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion – after it was revealed that the England and Man City forward has an M16 rifle tattooed on his leg. Some of the reaction has been embarrassing, as people are getting far too annoyed over something that makes no difference to their lives. The S*n newspaper are the main culprits, with them first publishing the story. People have then jumped on the bandwagon and have followed the rag in complaining about Sterling.

I don’t know if it’s racism, or it’s because people are jealous that he’s doing well for himself, but it’s shocking stuff regardless. There are a couple of good articles on the subject in the Guardian, which you can read here and here. I also wrote about it this morning, and ended up getting a bit angry about the whole subject, as I feel quite strongly about it. I don’t have any particular special connection with Raheem Sterling, but I feel that the way he is being treated is disgusting, so I’m trying to stick up for him a bit. My thoughts on it are here.

But anyway, getting on with it, Fernandinho has come out in support of his Man City team-mate.

“I don’t know why the people treat him like that,” the Brazilian said.

“They write about him and you can see some pursue it against him.

“He’s a lovely guy, nice guy, and every day he’s up, he’s happy, and I’m so glad to share the dressing room with him.

“I’m glad because we have him. He’s a lovely guy and he never gives up, even with a lot of criticism about him and his football.”

Sterling will more than likely be one of England’s key players at this summer’s World Cup, after he really impressed in a great season with Man City. He scored 18 goals for Man City, which helped them along the way to the Premier League title and 100 points. There were some really important goals along the way, too. They weren’t all the fifth goal in a drubbing, as some of them were late equalisers and winners.

“He’s one of our top players,” Fernandinho added. “He decided so many games for us this season and was so important for us.”

I don’t fully understand the reason behind the hate he’s getting. They say it’s not racism, but they’re obviously going to say that. There is definitely an agenda against the winger, and I don’t think this is the last time we’ll see them have a go at Sterling.

Fernandinho would want to be careful. The S*n will be making stuff up about him soon and publishing it as their front page. The rag.

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