Holidays are over, things to kick on now & Liverpool get late winner, Spurs suffer after late Inter comeback

Hello there. I’m back from my holidays and I’m feeling good. I’m not feeling so good about being back in cold and windy Dublin after being in lovely 30 degree heat all week, but I can’t really complain. I feel lucky I got to get away because there are a lot of people that don’t get that opportunity. I feel very lucky that I got to have a wonderful week away in the sun with my fiancée. We both had a great time, and it’s now back to reality. I wouldn’t mind booking another week away and getting out of here again, but my bank balance definitely wouldn’t allow for that!

I have a few days off work anyway, as I’m not back in until Monday. The plan is to use this time wisely and sort some things out here that I haven’t really had a chance to do. I was up late this morning because I was late arriving into Dublin last night, but it’s back to early mornings from tomorrow. Things are going to start kicking off here now, with more posts throughout the day. I hope to get more previews of matches done and more news pieces throughout the day. I’m not sure about getting previews done for tonight’s Champions League games because it’s a bit late now, but we’ll see how I get on.

Anyway, let’s have a look at what’s been happening. I didn’t see much football over the weekend. I got some of Watford vs Man Utd, but that was really it. I was able to watch Match of the Day, so I got the highlights of the games at least. I also didn’t see any of last night’s games, because I was doing airport stuff and flying. I tried to stream the Spurs game on my phone, but my mobile data wasn’t quick enough so it wouldn’t work. Then I was in the air for all of the Liverpool game, so I didn’t get a minute of that either. I haven’t watched the highlights of those games either, so I don’t really know what happened, but I’ll do my best to talk about them anyway.

Spurs were in Milan for an early Champions League kick-off yesterday evening. It was one of the 5:55pm kick-offs. This kick-off time really isn’t going to suit me because I’m always in work at that time, so I’ll never be home to watch them. I’ll do my best to get some of it on my phone on the way home when that happens though. The 8pm kick-off generally won’t be a problem for me. They must have decided to go with that kick-off time so they can show more on TV and make more money off it.

The fact that European countries are generally at least an hour ahead of the UK is probably a factor too, as they try to get the games to finish earlier for them. That makes sense, but I’m sure money is the main factor, as usual. But if we get to see more football on the TV, most people won’t be complaining!

Anyway, back to Spurs. The side from north London took the lead in the San Siro when Christian Eriksen struck after 53 minutes. Inter managed to equalise with just four minutes to play when Mauro Icardi scored. The game looked like it was heading for a draw, but Matias Vecino scored in added time to take all three points. It’s a big win for the Italians, who will surely be aiming to finish second in the group, ahead of last night’s opponents. Barcelona and PSV Eindhoven are the other sides in the group, so finishing second is probably more realistic. But Spurs did manage to win their group last year that contained Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, so we can’t rule it out. It’s Barcelona at Wembley next, which could be a cracker.

Liverpool were more fortunate than Spurs, as they got a last gasp winner at Anfield against PSG when Roberto Firmino scored to win it 3-2. The Reds went 2-0 up after goals from Daniel Sturridge and a James Milner penalty. PSG looked like they may make a comeback when Thomas Meunier and Kylian Mbappe both scored to bring the French Champions level, but then substitute Firmino banged one into the bottom corner to send Anfield into eruptions and win the game for the Reds. I have heard that PSG were quite poor and need to be doing better, but I don’t know if that’s the case. Liverpool won’t care anyway; it’s a huge win for them.

The two Manchester clubs are in action tonight, with their games both set to kick off at 8pm. Man City host Lyon at the Etihad, while Man Utd are in Switzerland as they face Young Boys. They’re games both clubs would be expecting to win quite comfortably, so we’ll see how they get on. I’ll be watching one of them anyway, but I won’t be doing them on Twitter. I think I’d rather watch City vs Lyon, but I’ll be in a house that contains Man Utd fans, so I think I’ll have to watch that. We’ll see how that goes anyway. I may try to get previews of those done, but I’ll have to wait and see how I get on.

Anyway, that’s all the talk about football I have for today’s blog. I found it a bit hard to get into a rhythm there. Maybe that’s because I haven’t done it in a week and I’m a bit rusty, and maybe it’s because I’m writing it late in the day and that means there’s people around, which can be distracting. It’s not their fault of course, they have a right to do what they want, but it makes writing a little bit harder. I’ll be up early to write tomorrow’s blog, so hopefully that’s a bit better. I’ll actually be watching tonight’s football, of course, so that’ll also make it easier. Maybe that’s actually the reason I found it harder. It’s hard to talk about stuff you haven’t actually seen!

Well, I’ll leave it there for now. As I said, things will be really kicking off here, but that may begin tomorrow because I have some things to sort out today. I’ll give more details on that tomorrow. I’ll try get the previews written, and I’ll be back here tomorrow. Have a good Wednesday!

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