Huddersfield staying up, Swansea likely gone, top four almost done

Good morning and welcome to Thursday. A special congratulations to any Huddersfield fans that may be reading this! The Terriers got a huge 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge last night to secure their place in the Premier League for next season! Fair play to them. The result also means that Spurs have guaranteed a top four place, so congratulations to you too.

Staying up is absolutely huge for Huddersfield, who have been really impressive this season. I’m happy to see them staying up, to be honest. It was a miracle that they even managed to get promoted to the Premier League last season, but when they came up, everybody wrote them off and said they would go straight back down. I’m actually a little bit surprised that they managed it, but there you go. They have had a good team spirit this season, and David Wagner has done a fantastic job there.

They have had some rough patches, and really struggled to find the back of the net at some stages of the season. When you looked at where they were a few weeks ago, and looked at the games they had to play between then and the end of the season, it looked like it would be a really difficult task. But in the end, they managed to draw with Man City and Chelsea to guarantee their safety. I’m looking forward to seeing them again next season. We’ll see if they can bring in a few good players in the summer and really push on next season.

That result leaves Swansea basically relegated, unfortunately. They’ll be playing Championship football next season unless they beat Stoke on Sunday, while Southampton must lose to Man City. There also has to be a 10-goal swing in terms of goal difference. Can Swansea beat Stoke 5-0 and Man City beat Southampton 5-0? It’s definitely possible, and stranger things have happened, but it’s very, very unlikely. I don’t think Southampton will let that happen if their survival depends on it. They’ll probably be beaten, because Man City are chasing the 100 points barrier – they have 97 now – but if it’s 1-0 or 2-0 it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

I think it’s a bit sad to see Swansea go to be honest, because I do really like them. They have been in the Premier League for a few seasons now, and have played some good stuff at times during that run. It looked like they would stay up at one stage when their form was really good after Carlos Carvalhal came in. They dropped off then though, and a run of eight games without a win sees them relegated. We’ll see if they can hold onto a few of their better players and bounce straight back up next season. It’ll be difficult, but it’s possible.

Spurs’ 1-0 win against Newcastle, combined with Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Huddersfield, means Spurs have qualified for next season’s Champions League. That will be important for them as they move into their new stadium, so well done to them.

Chelsea will more than likely be playing Europa League football next season, along with Arsenal and Burnley. Chelsea will get into the Champions League if they beat Newcastle at St. James’ Park on Sunday and Liverpool lose to Brighton at Anfield on Sunday. Again, it’s possible that Brighton will provide an upset, but it’s unlikely. Maybe if Brighton were fighting to stay up they could do it, but with nothing to play for, they’ll likely be beaten.

I’ll have a look at those games in a bit more detail over the weekend, but everything is basically done. It can be quite exciting when there’s things to play for on the final day, but it’ll be a bit dull this season. There’s usually a relegation or top four place to sort out, but that’s not really the case. But the teams that have the top four and survival secured won’t care about it not being exciting! They won’t give a shit whether or not the neutrals get to see a battle, because they have their job done.

The season isn’t completely finished, as we still have a few big games to go. We have the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Man Utd next Saturday, while the Champions League Final is on the week after. The Championship Play-off Final will be on the same day as the Champions League Final, and that’s one I’ll have some interest in.

The other results last night were: Leicester 3-1 Arsenal and Man City 3-1 Brighton. I didn’t go into any detail with those because they weren’t hugely important. West Ham host Man Utd tonight, but I haven’t done a preview of that because it doesn’t mean anything.

Anyway, that’s about it from me for this morning. I might have a look at the likes of Huddersfield at some stage next week, and have a look at their achievements this season. I’ll see how that goes though. Have a good day, and drop back tomorrow for more. I have no idea what I’ll be talking about in the morning, but we’ll wait and see.

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