Liverpool beat Bournemouth to go top as Chelsea beat Man City – we compare now to this stage last season

Hello and welcome to Sunday. We have new Premier League leaders this morning, which feels like a big thing. Liverpool now sit top of the pile, after they beat Bournemouth 4-0 yesterday afternoon and Manchester City lost to Chelsea yesterday evening.

It’s a big difference compared to this date last year. On December 9, 2017, Man City were top of the league and already beginning to run away with the title. They were top with 43 points after 15 games. They now have 41 points after 16 games. Manchester United were closest to them, with 35 points. That meant that City were already eight points clear. Liverpool were down in fourth; trailing City by 14 points. It’s such a huge improvement, it’s almost unbelievable.

Liverpool aren’t the only ones that have been doing better this season. Tottenham are third at the moment, with 36 points from 16 games. This time last season, they had 28 points from 16 games. Chelsea are two points better off now than they were last season, while Arsenal are six points better off. The Gunners did only play 15 games by this stage last season, though, while they’ve played 16 now.

Man United are the ones that have really dropped off. They’re nine points worse off than they were last season, and they have played a game more this time around. So that really could be a 12 point difference. That’s huge. How can they be so much worse in the space of a year, when they haven’t really lost anyone and have added to their squad? Jose Mourinho third season syndrome, that’s how. He must go, but it doesn’t seem like he will. There is absolutely no way I’m going off on an angry Mourinho rant first thing on a Sunday morning, though!

Anyway, back to the title race. We may actually have one this season. I really hope we do. It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had a proper one. Even some seasons, when teams were pushed close, it hasn’t really gone right to the wire. Hopefully Liverpool can stay close to Man City for the whole season and we can really see a good one. The Reds seem like they’re starting to get going now, too. They have been winning, but haven’t really impressed as much as last season. That seems like it’s starting to change, so we’ll see how they get on.

Liverpool and Tottenham have big Champions League games during the week. Liverpool have to beat Napoli at Anfield, and Tottenham have to beat Barcelona at the Nou Camp. We’ll have a look at that during the week, though.

There is one game today, as Newcastle host Wolves at St. James’ Park. That one kicks off at 4pm, and could be a good game. Newcastle have been doing well of late, while Wolves turned their poor form around with a big midweek win against Chelsea. I’ll be watching that one, and you can follow it with me on Twitter.

I’m going to leave it there for now. I want to get started on Friday’s in-depth article, but I’ve no idea what to do it on. I have some thinking to do about it. If you haven’t read it yet, this week’s is on Bournemouth and Eddie Howe rising from League Two to the Premier League.

I hope you have a good Sunday and enjoy the football if you’re watching it. And if you support Liverpool, enjoy the feeling of being top of the league. Bye bye now!

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