Liverpool with revolutionary idea of getting signings done early as they get set to announce Fekir

Liverpool will sign Nabil Fekir today if all goes well with his medical. Liverpool and Lyon agreed a fee for the player yesterday, which is believed to be worth around £53m. It’s a great signing for the Reds, if it does get done, and they’ll be absolutely delighted that they’ve managed to get another signing over the line.

He’ll be their third signing of the summer – I have read second, but I have no idea why they’re not counting Naby Keita as a signing – with Keita and Fabinho also coming in. They’ve done an overhaul of their midfield as they look to really push on next season. These three players will likely hugely improve them, and it’ll be very interesting to see how they do.

I’m sure there are a lot of clubs out there that are extremely envious of what Liverpool are doing. They have brought three players in, all before the World Cup, and still have plenty of time to do some more work. They’re not scrambling in the last week of August like we see so much, and they’ll likely see the benefit of that. If they had left the Fekir deal any longer, he likely wouldn’t have wanted to discuss his future during the World Cup. Then, after the World Cup, there could have been other clubs with some serious interest. Liverpool could have missed out.

Another benefit is that the players will now have a full pre-season. This doesn’t count for Fekir, who will likely miss the start of next season if France do as well as I think they will in the World Cup because he’ll be on an extended holiday, but Keita and Fabinho aren’t going to the World Cup. Guinea didn’t qualify, so Keita won’t go, while Fabinho wasn’t picked by Brazil. They’ll now be able to come in, have a full pre-season with Liverpool and will get a chance to get to know their team-mates before next season starts. It could make a big difference.

You see clubs scrambling to make signings at the last minute every summer, and this summer will be no different. I know a last minute signing is exciting for the fans, but you’d much rather get your business done early and let them come in and settle in. I’m not sure if they feel that they get players on thee cheap if they leave it late, because their clubs are looking to offload them, but it’s hardly worth the risk. I’m sure there are deals that don’t get done every year that we don’t hear about, just because clubs leave it too late.

But fair play to Liverpool for getting their deals done early. I’m sure there’s more to come from them, as they’re surely in the market for a goalkeeper. Maybe they’ll be looking for a centre-back too? With another couple of signings, I think they’ll be genuine title contenders next season.

That’s it for this morning; it’s a short one unfortunately. I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Any news doing the rounds throughout the day will be on Twitter. Have a good one.

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