PremPlace to scale down a little, but still doing our best

Good morning and welcome to Monday. I have another update on how things are going to go around here for the next little while.

The in-depth articles will not be every week anymore, even though they haven’t been every week for a while. I used to get one up every week, mostly on Fridays, but it was a real struggle and I was putting myself¬†under a lot of pressure. Which I didn’t mind, because I love researching and writing them. But, unfortunately, that’s not possible anymore. I’m just too busy now to commit to having one done every single week.

My new aim is to get one done fortnightly, but I’m not guaranteeing that either. I’ll be doing my best to get one up every second week, but without naming a day. Again, I’d aim for every second Friday, but it may come on a Tuesday. I may get one done every 10 days, but on other occasions, I may not get one done for three weeks.

The same goes for the blog. That hasn’t been a daily thing lately, and it won’t be for the next while. Again, I’ll still be writing a blog, but it won’t be daily. I’m not sure how often that’ll be either, but if something comes to my attention that I want to write about, I’ll go ahead and do it.

Sorry about this, but I just have too much going on at the minute to commit as much time as I used to. I’ll still be doing my very best to bring you useful articles that I hope you enjoy. My focus will be more on the in-depth articles because I feel that’s a very important part of the site.

So I’ll see how things go with this plan over the next little while. I’ll give another update if things change again. Thanks for coming here to read what I have to say, I really appreciate it!

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