Roberto Firmino feared blindness after Vertonghen eye poke

Roberto Firmino has revealed that he feared that he would be blind in one eye after suffering an injury playing against Spurs. Last month, at Wembley, Liverpool beat Spurs 2-1 thanks to goals from Gini Wijnaldum and Firmino. It was a very impressive performance by the Reds, who really should have scored more.

Firmino, however, was forced off the pitch after 74 minutes with an injury. He challenged Jan Vertonghen for the ball, but Vertonghen had his arms outstretched. One of the Belgian defender’s fingers went deep into Firmino’s eye, and the Brazilian had to be replaced after the extremely painful incident.

“I was scared of going blind in one eye and not being able to see again,” he told Sky Sports. “Thank God nothing like that happened and it gradually improved day after day.

“Of course, I’ve been taking my medication and looking after it. Your eyes are very important as a professional footballer. Thank God everything is OK now.”

As Firmino says, your eyes are very important as a professional footballer. They’re obviously not as important for other people though…

As Firmino goes on to explain, he was in a lot of pain after the incident and everything was blurry for him.

“I was frightened, but the pain gradually passed after the doctor gave me a painkiller and it got better,” he explained.

“When the incident happened, everything was blurry and I couldn’t see out of my left eye.

“It’s much better. The pain has gone and I can’t feel anything anymore. It’s still a bit red, but I hope that clears up over time.”

Firmino made a swift recovery from the incident, coming off the bench to score a last-minute winner as Liverpool played PSG three days later.

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