The ridiculous hammering of Raheem Sterling continues

Hello there, happy Thursday.

Something that really annoys me is the treatment Raheem Sterling has been getting lately. He featured on the S*n’s front page again yesterday, which was the second day in a row. You can see it here, but I urge you not to click into their site, because they’re horrible cunts and I’d much rather they didn’t get any more hits and didn’t make any more money. I don’t want to help them out in any way.

A simple Google Image search of ‘The Sun Sterling’ brings back multiple results from the last couple of years. There’s two about his gun tattoo, one that says he was taking ‘hippy crack days before game’, another one about him being a failure with some controversy about him showing off his new house, while the caption says ‘Sterling sinks to new low’, another one that says ‘tired Raheem at 3am 3 Lions party’, and then another one about the ‘hippy crack’ again, which I take to be laughing gas that gets you high. I don’t know the full details behind them all because I can’t remember and I’m not clicking in to read it.

Then, there was controversy about how Sky Sports dealt with it. Sterling posted a message on Instagram, explaining the meaning behind the tattoo. Sky Sports then reported that he posted the message, but they added a word to his statement. He said, “I would never touch a gun in my lifetime”, while Sky Sports said, “I would never touch a gun ‘again’ in my lifetime”. How did they do that? See the Tweet below, and the thread is actually quite good and is worth the read.

Sky then came out and apologised for their error:

Was it really an error though? I know people make mistakes, but surely something is checked thoroughly before it’s put on TV on Sky Sports News. I mean, I proof read everything thoroughly before I post it. Nobody actually knows if it was a mistake or if they did it purposely, and I suppose we’ll never know. I really think it’s awful though.

Why is it that one of England’s best players and biggest stars is being hammered so much, just before a World Cup? Do they actually want their team to fail, so they heap unnecessary pressure on them so they won’t play to the best of their ability and they can be branded a flop? He is clearly being targeted by them, but I’m not sure exactly why. I saw some suggestions that it’s because he’s black, but Marcus Rashford and Danny Welbeck don’t come in for criticism like that. Then I saw somebody saying it’s because he wasn’t born in England, but I really have no idea.

I can’t go around branding people racists if I don’t know 100 percent that they are. What I do know is that they’re wankers. It just seems so unnecessary to me. There is absolutely no need for it. I saw some people saying that he should be dropped from the squad, and that he shouldn’t go to the World Cup. Seriously? Give me a break. It’s the height of ridiculousness, and I don’t think these people even know it. It seems like they want to have him hung, drawn and quartered for having a tattoo that they don’t like.

What difference does it make to anybody? It doesn’t. It’s his body and his tattoo, so he should be left alone. People saying that he’s influencing gun violence are talking utter bollocks. That’s an absolutely ridiculous claim, and it almost feels like they’re seeking attention by saying it. Do they really think a 13-year-old is going to go out and get themselves an M16 rifle just because Raheem Sterling has a tattoo of one on his leg? Hardly. That’s not how it works. People really want footballers to be squeaky-clean robots, and do nothing that they don’t like. Well, these are people too, and they make their own choices in life. You’ll just have to deal with it.

I hope this all calms down. It’s the last thing anybody needs to get worried about. There are so many things going on in the world for people to worry about, and ‘man gets tattoo’ headlines on a newspaper shouldn’t bother anybody. I would actually like to know how Sterling feels about it. I really hope he’s just laughing it off as nonsense, but it could be getting to him. We’ll see if he says any more on it, but maybe he’s better off just keeping quiet so the rags can’t twist his words and create more bullshit headlines.

Anyway, sorry about that, but things just come out when I’m writing and I see where it takes me. It took me on an angry rant this morning, like it did the other morning. I’d rather I never had to write angry rants, but it has to be done at times. To sum it up: Don’t buy the S*n. Unfollow them on Twitter. Unlike their page on Facebook. Don’t give them anything. They don’t deserve it.

That’s it for this morning, but I’ll be back tomorrow, as always. Hopefully there’s more positivity tomorrow! Have a good Thursday.

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